Thyroid Management

What Type Of Problems Can You Have With Your Thyroid?

The most common types of thyroid dysfunction are hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid this causes fatigue., hair loss, weight gain and hormonal and imbalances. The second most common thyroid problem is excessive thyroid production or hyper thyroidism. This causes anxiety your irritability rapid heart rate and excessive weight loss.


How Do You Test For Thyroid Problems?

A simple examination in blood tests world defines the presence or absence of thyroid dysfunction. The most common test are TSH, T3 and T4 levels.

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Do Thyroid Problems Have An Effect On Metabolism And Weight Gain?

Yes, thyroid problems can have a significant effect on metabolism and weight management.


What Treatments Are Available For Thyroid Dysfunction?

Simple hormone replacement with medications like Synthroid, Cytomel or armour thyroid can replace the appropriate thyroid hormones.

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